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vendredi 30 juillet 2010

Feeding time













First we follow uncle and see the Bull Frog, then we can even touch it !_PWI1715


After what is is time to feed the goat and the rabbit, Kiara loves it while Timi keep washing her hands after touching the frog, and even so I explain her that if she kiss it she might get a prince she did not want to develop further her contact with the wild…_PWI1702




















Now time to feed the real monster, around 11.30 the kids start to transform into gremlins running everywhere brain overloads with animals sex, size and habit information, we know how many bags of poo poo for one happy meal uncle need to dig and also that pigeon eggs are very expensive but mosquito will slip on your face so smooth after treatment laaaaaaaa.

_PWI1719 _PWI1721 _PWI1722 _PWI1723 _PWI1725 _PWI1727

And then we went home Timéa sleeping on my lap and Kiara next to me, drop them back to school and back to work. We close the bracket for today waiting to reopen it at the park every evening…


_PWI1621 Here we are PSCHHHHHHHHHHH the bus stop and Uncle helps the kids to step down, Timéa wait for me and we all queue listening to Uncle. We have been here before, with Meme and Nono._PWI1640 To be honest it was quite depressing, same type of weather and smell, but this time we are many kids and grown-up and also UNCLE that talk like a real Singaporean farmer (never heard one before as they are even less numerous than the sheep on the ice coat but I guess that is how they talk doooo).



So we will gather in a room where Chickens, Quails and eggs will be explain to us, and also the farming system in Singapore and the challenge faces.

I’m happily surprise I even learn things and Timéa is very focus while Kiara is cuddling me and remove her shoes.





School trip


Leaving home a bit later then usual cause today we all go to Farmart. I’m as excited as the girls (not like a girl!) because for me it’s my first school trip ever with them. So far, due to the demanding job, I had to leave to the maid the joy of the daily adventure, but NOW that I’m stressing home wondering if I will get a job next week, I can indulge myself with special days like those.

_PWI1612 A light rain drizzle and make the day light looks like autumns. We arrive at school and the girls goes for their second breakfast so proud to show me every thing they do._PWI1606

Teacher Nady i back for the occasion and Timi followed by Kiara is showing her new bag that Daddy buy for her (yeah went to Giant to buy Tupperware part of my life reorganization program). Things done toilet flush hands wash we grab the yellow bus cover by umbrella.   

In the bus we wait a while some parents stuck in the traffic jam and then the bus move on and find his way to the little street of the residential place, reaching the AYE/PIE and with no time and lots of fun here we are FARMART invasion by yellow t-shirt and Bordeaux pants…


For the geek of information:

Map picture